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What is a Public Adjuster?

A public Adjuster is a professional claims Handler who advocates for the policyholder when appraising and negotiating a claimants insurance claim.

What is a company adjuster?

A company adjuster is a professional claim Handler who estimates, negotiate, and settles the claim for the insurance company.

What is an independent adjuster?

Adjusters subcontracted to handle claims on the behalf of the insurance company to estimate, negotiate,  and settle the claim.

What are the duties of an Adjuster?

Review coverage, Investigate loss,  Negotiate, and Settle claim.

Do you need a Public Adjuster?

No. Insurance companies are like judicial systems. People have the right to represent themselves, but some seek lawyers to handle matters. Public Adjusters represent policyholders’ negotiations to bring all losses and damages back to pre-loss condition. In some cases, the negotiators must seek legal mediation.

Why utilize a Public Adjuster?

Your insurance company sends out a professional to estimate the damages on the behalf of the insurance company interests. If you allow them to present a one sided expert argument, you risk losing out on your full recovery due to what their employee presents in their findings.  Do you think the person getting paid to work on your claim is working for you or who’s paying them?

How much do you charge for Rylee Gray Public Adjusters LLC service?

Our company works for a small percentage of the settlement. Public Adjusters work off of  percentages. Be mindful of public Adjuster companies who offer to work for you before you the know the percentage fee.

Will I have to pay for the first meeting?

No. Our company review insurance policies for free..

What problems occur adjusting a claim?

The policy language interpretation, opinion of scope, required restorations, labor and material cost and depreciation percentage to be applied.

How quickly can a settlement be expected?

A claim can settle within 45 days to two years depending on a dispute of an estimate.

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